Removing Used Wax from Your Warmer

Jessica Cramer

We've all been there, prying your used wax out of your warmer with a butter knife. Maybe it popped right out, maybe it took a few expletives... but most of the time, the process can be a real b!%*# 🤬

💁🏼‍♀️ Here's some tips you'll definitely appreciate:

Use your Cotton Balls

While your wax is still melted, throw in 4-5 cotton balls. They'll absorb the wax in seconds.

Use your Freezer

Pop it in the freezer. While your wax is still melted, but has had a minute or two to cool, pop the wax cavity in the freezer for 10-20 minutes. The wax will then pop right out.

Warm it Up

If your wax is hardened, turn on your warmer for 1-2 minutes. The wax will slide right out with the help of a rubber spatula or butter knife.

Have your own tips? We'd love to hear about them!



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