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Scent Throw Factors

Scent Throw Factors

We get asked a lot... how long do your wax melts last?  Well, that's a tricky question.  Scent throw results are based on many, many factors...

Let's talk scent throw. 

We get asked a lot... how long do your products last?  Well, that's a tricky question.  Scent throw results are based on many, many factors. 

Let's start with the recipe.  We use beeswax and soy as our wax blend so that we leave out the toxic ingredients that paraffin wax contains.  Paraffin wax is known for being able to hold a high scent load and produce a strong, long lasting scent throw... at the cost of your health. Paraffin wax can cause headaches, cancer, kidney damage and birth defects... NO THANK YOU! Read this article for more information on the risks and health issues linked to Paraffin wax. 

We use 16% fragrance load in our recipe.  This is huge compared to competitors who use between 6 - 10% on average. 


There are many factors that play into the scent throw and scent duration. 

The bulb wattage and warmer size plays the biggest role in variations.  If you are using a small warmer, a 25 watt bulb is sufficient.  However, if you are using a larger warmer, a 40 watt bulb is highly recommended. 

The placement of your warmer in your home plays another factor.  It is not recommended to place the warmer near an open window, a drafty door, fan or an air conditioner.  

Your own nose can play a factor in the scent throw.  This one is a HUGE factor.  It has been proven that you can become immune to scents. Test this one out on your own. You will probably notice that you cannot smell the scent after a few hours, but if you leave the area for a while and come back, you will be able to smell it again. Furthermore, people smell scents differently from one another.  While you may think one scent is strong, someone else may not be able to smell it as well.  

The scent itself can play a factor into how strong it is and how long it lasts.  Some scents are meant to be mild and others are meant to be strong.  The makeup of the scent may be designed to fit one preference or the other. 

So how long do our products last?

Well... the best way to answer that is... "it depends", however, after hours of testing our products we can confidently say this:

Our wax melts can produce a scent that will last anywhere from 12-72 hours.  BIG variation there, huh? Well, facts are facts and we are not willing to claim that we are better than we really are. Our candles have a burn time up to 60 hours! 

Our number one focus is using ingredients that are SAFE and toxin-free.  Our second focus is a long lasting scent that our customers will LOVE!  

Testimonials don't lie 

You can feel confident about the quality of our product, our commitment to you and the feedback that we have received.  Check out our testimonial page on our website to see what our customers are saying. 


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    Hello, just wondering what you soy/beeswax ratio is and when you pour?

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